sad Goodbye’s to new friends

Today was the last day we had our guardian angel, the Pastor, with us. He was such a blessing, he strengthened us with his laughter and dedication to the ministry here. He approached the request to guide us with a servant’s heart and worked non stop to make us as comfortable as possible. We just prayed over him and sent him back to his village with many new memories and well wishes. I know that I will see him again and when I do I look forward to seeing the growth in his orphanage and Church.

We are in a very small, poor city. The entire area suffers from a huge water shortage and the heat is stifling. My watch read 108 while I was playing cricket with the orphans today. Yes, 108 degrees.
Mike and I went with the pastors this morning and bought badmitton rackets, birdies, soccer balls, cricket bats and balls and an indoor board game called Carams for the boys in this orphanage….. they had absolutely NOTHING prior. They loved the carams game and flocked to it quickly…it warmed the heart to see having fun.

My prayer prior to coming was that I would have the strength to hold nothing back but would pour myself completely out on these people and as we slowly wind our way back I feel I am almost there. I am emotionally drained but in a strange way full of new strength. I really could stay. Part of me wants to.

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  1. Jeremy Brookins Says:

    Wow! It’s awfully cool in the AP at the moment. You’re lucky. (; It’s so awesome to hear about the things you guys are getting to do there. That area sees so little. Praying for you, man. (:

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