“Our new guide led us briskly up and down sets of uneven concrete stairs, through very narrow walkways, around broken water pumps, and under dangling electrical wires to a small, dark 6×6 room, which turned out to be the home of 5 children.” - Allison Stockton

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Sending groups of volunteers to visit and provide for the immediate needs of orphans continues to be a vital part of i58 Children. During a recent trip in April of 2008, volunteers visited eight different orphanages and a leper colony in India. Our volunteers interacted with the dozens of orphans and spent thousands of dollars to provide for the immediate needs of the orphanages they visited. To learn more about this trip, its impact on the orphans, and the volunteers, read blog entries from the trip and watch the video below with interviews of volunteers.

If you are interested in participating in a future trip as a volunteer, please contact us for more information. There you can learn more about our trips, request notifications about upcoming trips, and receive an application to travel as a volunteer.


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