“The thing I’ve focused the most on this trip is being love to those kids. I want to embody the gospel and be what love should be for these kids. The Lord has blessed me so much and has filled me with love and joy, and now I pour that out on these children.” - Michael Bell

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In July, i58 Projects began supporting two new projects in Zambia. We committed to sending regular support to Stop the Spread, a non-profit working in Africa. Stop the Spread works to improve the health and wellness of the African people by reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS and poverty.

They are also involved in the fight against malnutrition. Since Zambia has one of the highest malnutrition rates in the world, there is a real need for an affordable, sustainable food supplement.

Through our connection with Stop the Spread, we also began to support an orphanage with children in Zambia.

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In 2008, we continued to send support to a number of orphanages we have been associated with for several years. Through our new adopt-an-orphanage program, we began to support four new orphanages. Beyond the ongoing monthly support we send to the orphanages, we were able to provide for some special needs.

In March, a team of volunteers provided $13,000 worth of needed help to orphanages they visited.

Through a series of special donations we funded the digging of a fresh-water well and delivered beds, pillows, blankets, and coats to a rural orphanage with 35 children.

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i58 Projects continues to support ministries throughout the U.S. Even though our main purpose is to provide care for orphans in other countries, our heart is to see the lives of children changed. For the past two years, i58 has supported Yesha Ministries, which is a non-profit Tae Kwon Do training ministry.

Yesha’s objective is to see children grow physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually.

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