“This trip has been so hard on me. A lot of growing, that came at no small ease. The things I’ve seen. How people live in this. This certainly has been no vacation.” - Matt Bunell

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History impacting the present.

The non-profit, i58 Projects, was founded in 2002 by Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, a business leader, pastor, and scholar, after spending parts of twenty years traveling the world, helping children.

Since its inception, i58 has been sending teams of volunteers to various parts of the world to assess and provide for the direct needs of orphaned children. Taking money and supplies with them, i58 Volunteers have traveled to remote and poor areas of the world, where they provided direct relief to children in need. In past trips, our volunteers helped children by replacing depleted food supplies, providing necessary clothing and educational materials, paying for urgent medical care, and helping to build new buildings.

In addition to traveling to orphanages in efforts to meet their needs, i58 Children has supported a variety of orphanages with contributions of buildings, land, food, educational materials, and medical supplies.

Although i58 Projects‘ primary focus is working with orphans in India and Africa, the organization has worked in other parts of the world as urgent needs presented themselves. i58 reached out to extend a helping hand working for the poverty-stricken people of Haiti, AIDS victims in Africa, tsunami relief in Indonesia, and right here at home with victims of hurricane Katrina. In addition, i58 has donated vehicles to various charitable organizations from India to Haiti.

From the beginning, i58 has worked in conjunction with other like-minded organizations including Hopegivers International and The Joshua Tree in efforts to promote the well-being of children. We believe that working cooperatively with other like-minded organizations allows for better use of resources, more accountability, less duplication, and produces a greater impact for the children.

Our history is impacting our present as we see young men and women, who were once orphans in orphanages we visited and supported, grow up and start schools, become pastors, and become orphanage leaders.


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